Who is Matt and Why Parent and Teen Coaching?

I’m an adoptive father of a teenager who has a traumatic past that causes him to struggle with things that the rest of us take for granted. He was passed from home to home before he asked to come live with us and our hearts were overwhelmed with joy at being chosen. He had been searching for a safe forever home, and we were more than honored.


Our son, my biological nephew, joined our house in 2016, at the age of 10. We adopted him a little over 4 years later, overcoming some hurdles along the way. We were woefully not prepared for having a child with this kind of a past in our home and what was gonna be needed to provide him with the parenting he required. It started me on a journey of growth that ended up in me going back to school to study psychology, becoming a coach, and working to become the best parent and the best person that I could possibly be. I strive every day to be the parent he needs, some days I do better than others; I am never stop working to improve as a person and a parent.


Now I work with parents and teens, to help them do what I did: end the conflict, foster trust, and build happily connected families, all to raise our teens to be happy, successful, responsible adults. I work with teens as a success coach to help them achieve their goals and feel fulfilled in their life, because happy, successful, and fulfilled teenagers are the goal of every parent raising a teen or tween